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Sportsterapeuten (the Sport Therapist)


Lyngby Hovedgade 74

Sportsterapeuten (the Sport Therapist) has existed since 19th of June 2015. The owner Jakob Lindahl chose to move the clinic to Lyngby in 2018.


Knowledge and experience


At Sportsterapeuten (the Sport Therapist) in Lyngby we have the philosophy that the treatment that is good enough for the athlete is good enough for the common man/woman. The knowledge and experience that Jakob Lindahl has acquired through his long cooperation with professional athletes including the Danish national team in men’s volleyball, Gentofte Volley Elite men’s/women’s league, various beach volley teams, can easily be transferred to the treatment of more common ailments. Ailments such as repetitive strain injuries, sore muscles whether it in the legs or back and tension type headaches.
The primary treatment is sport massage, which is deep tissue massage. Regular massage is of course also available.


Several specialties


We also offer therapy for injuries. This type of therapy includes several different kinds of treatment such as laser, shockwave and acupuncture, and can be combined with sport massage. The advantage with injury therapy is that it furthers the body’s own healing process. It kick-starts the body’s natural defense against injuries.
Stop by Sportsterapeuten (the Sport Therapist) in Lyngby if you want the same treatment as the professional athletes and a therapist who tackles your problems.
Our clinic is located in the center of Lyngby at the corner of Lyngby Hovedgade and Likørstræde. Surrounded by cafes and eating places where you can sit and relax after treatment.