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Peter Beier Chocolate


Lyngby Hovedgade 47, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

A family business

Peter Beier is a well renowned chocolatier trained in Denmark, England, France, Belgium and Spain. In 1989, at only 22 years of age, he became head of the chocolate production at Magasin du Nord. Seven years later, in 1996, he started his own company with the name Peter Beier Chocolate. The company has always been a family business, where every member of the Beier family is either working for the company or involved in developing it.

From earth to plate

At Peter Beier Chocolate we only use honest produce in the production of our chocolate. We strive towards transparency in our production and we want to know where all our ingredients come from. We have our own organic cocoa plantation in the Dominican Republic which guaranties us ingredients of great quality. By owning our own plantation, we can also guaranty proper working conditions for the workers and be certain that there is no child labour.  We also take care of the environment on the plantation by creating a large plant diversity. Besides the cocoa trees, we have also plated banana, papaya and coconut palm trees together with lime, mango and grapefruit trees. Our produce doesn’t only come from the Caribbean though, we also use fruits, nuts and berries grown at Ørsholt estate in North Zealand. Our chocolate production is also located at Ørsholt.

Large selection of quality chocolate

For us, the taste experience is very important, and we do our very best with every single piece of chocolate. A piece of Peter Beier Chocolate is a little piece of perfection. We have a large selection of different kinds of chocolate. We have blocks of chocolate in the new chocolate types ruby and gold, but also in dark and milk. On each block of chocolate, the label tells you where the cocoa beans for the block comes from. Peter Beier Chocolate also makes several other types of chocolate products such as filled chocolates with fillings of coffee, ginger, licorice, passion truffle and other delicious fillings. You can also buy our new interpretations of the classic Danish “flødebolle”, which is a wafer topped with meringue and covered in chocolate. Our “flødebolle” is in the shape of a pyramid and handmade from scratch. Furthermore, we also make chocolate covered almonds, chocolate spread, advent calendars and a large selection of homemade ice creams.


Visit Peter Beier Chocolate on Lyngby Hovedgade and treat yourself to some delicious quality chocolate.