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Lyngby Hovedgade 3, 2800 Lyngby

Experienced watchmaker

Palæet has existed since 1969 and is now owned by watchmaker Kåre Schneekloth. In 2001, he founded Schneekloth Jewellery and Watches in Hillerød. The store in Hillerød closed in 2018 and Schneekloth gathered all his business in Palæet in Kongens Lyngby. Kåre Schneekloth is an experienced watchmaker who has worked for several places before becoming an independent businessman. One of his employments was at Ludwig N.B. Hansen former purveyor to the court. Here Schneekloth had the responsibility of looking after the watches at Christiansborg and Amalienborg. Even though Schneekloth is only in his 50’s he is indeed a very experienced watchmaker.

Love Collection

We have a large selection of jewelleries and watches at Palæet. Among other brands, we have our own jewellery collection called the Love Collection. The collection is a manifestation of our high standards when it comes to quality, craftmanship and design. All the jewellery in the Love Collection is made by experienced and talented craftsmen. The rings in the Love Collection all have a beautiful and elegant design on the outside, but there are also great design details on the inside. On each ring, the word “Love” is engraved on the inside with a beautiful diamond placed inside the “o”. The jewellery in the collection is available in 14 carat gold and white gold. The Love Collection is elegant design for a great price.

Palæet also carries other jewellery brands such as Georg Jensen, Nordahl, Christine Hvelplund, Lund of Copenhagen and many more.

Repairing watches and jewellery

We have many years’ experience repairing watches at Palæet. We have our own workshop where we do all types of repairments. The price for the repair depends on what must be repaired and whether spare parts are needed, but just stop by and we will find the right solution for you. If you would rather buy a new watch, we also have large selection of quality watches at Palæet. Here you’ll find brand such as Arne Jacobsen, Mont Blanc, Victorinox and Georg Jensen.

We also repair jewellery at Palæet. We have a goldsmith connected to the store, who do all our repairments and jewel mounts. The delivery time for jewellery repairments is normally 10 workdays.

Stop by our store in Kongens Lyngby and explore our large selection of jewellery and watches.