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Matador in Bakken Amusement Park


Dyrehavsbakken 85

Welcome to Korsbæk, the famous village from the legendary Danish tv series Matador. In the centre of Bakken you can explore the 1930’s village of Korsbæk, and walk down the famous streets from the beloved tv series.

Five unique dining experiences
The village consists of five eating places inspired by the tv series Matador. Visit the fashionable restaurant Postgaarden, where the ceilings are high and the clientele is the upper middle class. You can also swing by the Jernbane restaurant where workers meet for beers and a game of cards.
Get a unique experience in one of three private living rooms. In the dining room of the bank manager you are invited to a fancy dinner party, while in the bank manager ‘s kitchen the cook serves delightful dishes. In the farm house you can try good old-fashioned Danish cooking.
Besides the five dining places in Korsbæk, food and drink are also served outside in Algade, the co-operative bakery and the Korsbæk shop.

Experience the real Matador atmosphere
Experience the story of Matador up close and feel the atmosphere of the 1930’s. Every little detail has been given great attention so everything from the interior to the tableware fits the style of the 1930’s. Take a stroll down Algade and meet some of the characters from the tv series who entertain visitors every day.

Welcome to Korsbæk in Bakken!