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Lyngby Svane Apotek (pharmacy)


Lyngby Hovedgade 27, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

Focus on the customers

At Lyngby Svane Apotek you can buy everything from skincare to vitamins and prescription drugs. Our educated staff offers objective and individual guidance. We explain how you should take your medication and tell you what you should be aware of when taking it. We can also help you find the right day crème for you skin type. No matter what your situation is or what you need help for, we are ready to guide you.


Vaccinations, medication talks and much more

Lyngby Svane Apotek also offers a series of services. Among other things you can order prescription drugs and other items from the pharmacy directly on the pharmacy’s webpage. Thereafter, you can collect your order at the pharmacy or have it delivered to your home. We also offer a free medication talk for citizens who are newly diagnosed with a chronic illness, or for people who have a chronic illness and have issues with their medication. If you use an inhaler, you can get a free inhaler check at the pharmacy. It is estimated that as much as 50% of the people using inhalers are not using them correctly. If you are in doubt, come a get an inhaler check. Are you going abroad and need vaccines? Then come and get vaccinated at Lyngby Svane Apotek. Visit and learn more. On our webpage you can also find advice about among other things treating eczema, being in the sun, stop smoking and birth control.


Extended opening hours

Lyngby Svane Apotek is one of the few pharmacies with extended opening hours. The pharmacy’s additional opening hours are from 6 am-8 am and from 8 pm-midnight. On holidays the pharmacy is open from 6 am-midnight. In the additional opening hours there may be a surcharge for buying medication or other items. You can also get medication sent home to you in the additional opening hours by taxi, ask the pharmacist how it works.

Come and visit us at Lyngby Svane Apotek on Lyngby Hovedgade.