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Lyngby Shopping Centre


Klampenborgvej 250, 2800 Lyngby

Over 100 exciting shops

In Lyngby Shopping Centre there are over 100 exciting shops distributed on 31,000 m2. We see ourselves as one big family, which is evident when shopping at the centre. Every employee will do their very best to give our guest a great experience.
Everyone is welcome here at the shopping centre, and we strive to make the centre relevant for a wide range of people. Lyngby Shopping Centre must be a place that is pleasant to visit. Going to the centre must not only satisfy the collective needs of the family, but also the more sophisticated customer’s needs and demands for a modern shopping destination.

A unique shopping experience

We wish to give our guests unique experiences when they visit. Therefore, we put together a series of fun and exciting activities through the year for both children and adults.
It is our goal to give our guests a unique shopping experience. With an exciting mix of shops, employees with a high service level and a number of fun activities, we do our best all the time to give the customers a reason to come back. We have high ambitions and it is important for us to keep evolving and keep being relevant for our target groups. Everybody should be comfortable in Lyngby Shopping Centre both costumers and employees.