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Løberen Lyngby


Lyngby Torv 10, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

The perfekt running shoes

A great pair of running shoes are the foundation for a successful workout. Therefore, you should take your time finding the perfect pair. At Løberen in Lyngby you’ll get a thorough guidance from our very competent staff, who all have personal experience and a passion for running. We will talk to you about how long and how often you run, about your ambitions and injuries. You’ll also get a running test made, to see what kind of support your feet need. The running test is done on a treadmill where you are filmed while running. In that way we can access how different types of shoes affect how you run. We take the time that is needed in order to find the perfect pair of running shoes for you – even if you have to try on all the shoes in the store.

Large selection of running shoes and gear

Løberen in Lyngby has a large selection of different types of running shoes. We have shoes for ordinary running, light shoes for speed training and shoes that are suited for running in the woods for example. We also carry different quality brands such as Nike, Asics, New Balance and Adidas. At Løberen you’ll also find a great selection of running gear. We sell workout clothes, running watches, backpacks and headlamps among other things. Stop by the store and see our selection of shoes and gear or visit our website.

Learn more

On our website you’ll not only find our large selection of running shoes and gear but also guides to a better run and workout. Here you’ll can find guides to sensible workout clothes, how you burn the most calories on your run, how to prevent injuries and of course advise on running shoes. You’ll also find training programs on the website for beginners and experienced runners. Try for example the training program which makes you ready for a marathon in 20 weeks. All the guides and articles on the website are in Danish.

Stop by our store opposite of Lyngby Town Hall and we will help you find the perfect running shoes and the right gear.