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Kongevejen 135, 2830 Virum

A taxi company with visions

The history of Dantaxi goes back to 1926 where Holte Taxa was founded. After many years and many mergers and acquisitions, Dantaxi is now the largest taxi company in the capital region and all of Denmark. Dantaxi has 1,800 taxis which drive in more than 60 municipalities. We have great visions for our company, and we work hard to achieve them. Among other things we want Dantaxi to have the best geographical cover. Which means fast arrival times no matter where in our area you’re ordering from. We also work hard to be the leading taxi company when it comes to costumer service, and we want to offer a professional, uniform and pleasant ride for a fair price. Dantaxi also takes the lead with regards to technology. We want to have the best apps and be overall innovative with regards to the development of our company.

It must be a good experience riding with us

We make an effort to give you the best possible experience when you ride with Dantaxi, and we want you to feel appreciated, welcome and comfortable. Therefore, we have taken many steps to be able to deliver a good experience for our customers. We have, among other things, made the time spent ordering a taxi as short as possible by having several platforms you can order from. You can also pay in different ways when you use Dantaxi, which gives you more freedom. It is important for us that you should feel safe when riding with us. Therefore, all our taxi drivers wear uniforms and all our taxis have surveillance cameras fitted.

There are three ways of ordering a Dantaxi. You can call us on telephone number 4×48, order by using our app or order directly on our webpage.

Next time you need a lift choose Dantaxi, and we will do what we can to give you a good experience.