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Lyngby Hovedgade 40, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

Personality, elegance and comfort

The German fashion brand OSKA has existed since 1997. Today the brand has 70 concept stores around the world and is sold in many retail stores and online shops. OSKA has two concept stores in Denmark, one in Copenhagen and one in Kongens Lyngby. Every year we present two collections with uniquely designed clothes of a high quality. Our design philosophy focuses on three values: comfort, elegance and personality. By making simple designs parred with interesting fabrics, we create a look that radiate individuality. Our design silhouettes are simple and an expression of a relaxed style and with our flexible fits, we achieve good comfort which is supported by our choice of luxurious fabrics that appear natural and authentic. We often use Asian inspired silhouettes which radiate elegance, but also comfort. Elegance and luxury are also evident in the carefully chosen details on the clothes, such as nice buttons or a different collar.


Clothes for every body type

Our designs are made in several different silhouettes which fit different body types. Try for example our popular pants in the O-silhouette. They have a tulip shape, which are figure-fitting at the hips but voluminous around the legs. This silhouette exudes individuality and gives great comfort and freedom of movement. The Box-silhouette is like the O-silhouette very comfortable and is often seen in OSKA’s tops. The tops and blouses with the Box-silhouette is often made in light materials which fall casually around the body and accentuate the female shape. If you like clothes that are more close-fitting, we also have the Slim-silhouette. You can create a nice look by combining a slim top with a pair of pants in the O-silhouette. Everything is possible with our different silhouettes and they can be mixed and matched, the only limit is your imagination.

You can see all our silhouettes on our web site.


A sustainable choice

We take sustainability seriously and we believe in using Nature’s resources with care. Much of our production is, therefore, organized in a way that considers the environment. First and foremost, OSKA clothes are very durable. We only use materials of the highest quality and only the best workers when producing the garments. This means that the garments keep their shapes and colours for several seasons. Our designs follow trends, but they are always true to our values. This means that the clothes have a timeless feel and can be used for a long time without feeling outdated. The production has also been made more sustainable by being mostly produced in Europe. This means shorter transport and, thereby, lover CO2 emissions. We constantly assess what we can do to make our production even more sustainable. We have among other things found a more environmentally friendly way of dying fabric, where a lower water temperature is used. Thereby, energy is saved heating water. Furthermore, we have stopped using plastic in our packaging when we send the collections to our stores all around the world.

Come and visit us on Lyngby Hovedgade and get clothes that are comfortable, feminine and durable.

You can also visit our web site where you can get plenty of inspiration and shop online.