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Lyngby Hovedgade 56, 2800 Lyngby

Show off your personal style

In Masai at Lyngby Hovedgade you’ll find clothes for the fashion-conscious woman. Masai Clothing Company has existed since 1992 and today our clothes are sold in 1300 retail stores and department stores in 25 countries. We also have 13 concept stores in Denmark. Our designers make clothes that are comfortable and which also express personal style. Every new collection introduces several unique prints, which can help you personalize your wardrobe. Our clothes are made in sizes XS-XXL and in several different shapes which fit different body types and styles. Our tops are for example made in a FITTED shape, which is more close-fitting, and an A-SHAPE, which is fitted over the breast and looser across the stomach. Our pants are also made in a FITTED shape, which shows off your figure. However, we also make pants in a CASUAL shape, which gives you comfort and freedom of movement.

Sustainable manufacturing of clothes

At Masai we believe in a more sustainable manufacturing of clothes and, therefore, the company now focuses on 4 of the UN’s sustainable development goals. At Masai we will focus on improving the water quality. This we will accomplish by looking at the way we handle our waste water and general waste. We also focus on responsible consumption and production. We want to make sure that our clothes are produced, transported, sold and used in the most sustainable way possible. Our third goal is to further a sustainable management of the world’s forests. Most of our clothes are made of viscose fabric, and it is, therefore, important for us to know where the viscose fibres come from. Therefore, we have made a partnership with FSC® Denmark. With an FSC® Chain of Custody certification we can document the source of the wooden fibres and their sustainability. The last goal we have chosen to focus on deals with the ability to cooperate between businesses, different industries, organisations and government institutions. If we want a sustainable world by 2030 we need to work together in order to reach our common goal.

Visit our store in Kongens Lyngby and we will help you update your wardrobe.