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Lyngby Special Optik (optician)


Lyngby Hovedgade 48, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Everything is posible

Lyngby Special Optik has existed since 1951. We have always held the motto “Everything is possible, and everyone can be helped to a better sight”. We do everything we can to help our customers to a better sight. We are thorough in our work, and we can almost always find a solution and give our customers the best sight possible. You get a more thorough sight test at Lyngby Special Optik than at many of our competitors. Our equipment can detect even small defects of vision which other opticians wouldn’t catch. Among other things we measure your cornea’s optical quality, your night vision, and assess if you have a hidden squint which can cause fatigue and double vision. Furthermore, we assess the general health of your eyes and weather you should consult an ophthalmologist. The sight test takes about half and hour and is included in the price when buying a pair of glasses.


Enhance your personality

We believe that a pair of glasses should enhance your personality and accentuate your style. Therefore, we have a large selection of glasses in our store, so you can find the pair that best express your personality. We sell Danish brands such as Lindberg, Ørgreen, Blac og MonoQool. We also stock foreign brands like Mykita, Tom Ford, Götti, Alain Mikli, Munic og Phillip Starck. If you’re looking for sunglasses, we have brands such as Adidas and Prego. Today, the eye wear fashion has moved in many different directions, nothing is more correct or right than anything else. Your glasses can be square or round, made of titanium, carbonfiber, buffalo horn or wood. The most important thing is to find the glasses that you love and feel comfortable wearing. We are, of course, ready to help and guide you to the perfect pair of glasses for you. Should you, contrary to expectations, not find the perfect pair of glasses in the store, we can order the pair you want. You can also bring glasses bought at another store, and we will help with the lenses.


Great expertise

At Lyngby Special Optik we also have a large selection of contact lenses. We offer daily contact lenses, two-weekly contact lenses, hard contact lenses, overnight contact lenses and many more. We have over 60 years of experience fitting both standard and specialty contact lenses. The store has two optometrists on staff who exclusively work with fitting contact lenses. They have great experience and constantly improve themselves at conferences and courses in Denmark and abroad. All our opticians have great expertise. All are qualified opticians and certified optometrists, and they receive further training on a regular basis, so they are always up to date on new techniques. We specialize in difficult eyes, weak sight and specialty contact lenses. If you are looking for an optician, who knows their stuff and can offer an attentive service, then visit Lyngby Special Optik on Lyngby Hovedgade the next time you need glasses or contact lenses.